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Computer Spa wants satisfied customers. If the problem persists after you receive your machine we will be more than happy to repair it at no charge. We do our best to run comprehensive programs to resolve the issues your system may be having. Our goal is to do as little damage as possible. When it comes to removing malware, virus, or other problem programs, we try to keep your system as is and use tools to remove them. Sometimes it is necessary that we do a total system restore. So if we return your machine and there are still issues we will not charge you to come in and let us run a restore which includes backing up your data, reinstall the operating system, return you data back to the machine, and set up the drivers necessary for you machine to run correctly.

We want our customers to walk away confident. Asking questions is encouraged prior to leaving with your device or system. At Computer Spa our staff will be more than happy to be sure that you have an understanding of what was done and how to avoid making the same mistakes. Let us work through your technology fears with you. It is not uncommon for our customers to just stop by or call with concerns after our work. We are happy to complete the job to your satisfaction. Thank you for letting us solve your technology issues.